Heart Vision

Interesting Cases

  • Aberrant Interarterial RCA

    Dr Tim Hull referred this 53 year old male with a congenital abnormality of the coronary artery.
  • LAD Lesion

    Clinical Details: 36 year old, male with continual, sharp, focal retrosternal chest pain which comes on when running 500-1000 metres. Reproducible.
  • Ultra low Dose CTCA

    Female patient is 52kg, 165cm tall and had an average heart rate of 62bpm. Excellent diagnostic quality was achieved with a dose of 0.56 mSv.
  • Normal CTCA

    Coronary CTA is a very good test to non-invasively rule out coronary artery disease. In scientific studies, it has a very high negative predicitve value. (ie reliably rules out disease)