Heart Vision

Patient Demographics

Audit One

From 16/02/07 to 20/06/08 306 CTCA's were performed at St George's Radiology. There were an additional 42 Cardiac Catheterisations to correlate the CT with, and in case of a discrepancy between results, the cardiac catheterisation was considered the gold standard, and to be correct.

Audit Two

Christchurch Radiology Group performed a total of 1002 Coronary Angiography CT scans between 23/06/2008 to 19/08/2011.

Of the 1002 patients who received a CT Coronary Angiography scan, 70 were excluded; leaving 932 patients evaluated, as these excluded patients were known to have severe coronary artery disease pre CT Angiography. These were patients with CABG, previous stents etc.


Ratio of male to female 525:408        52% Male
44% Female
Average age 56
Average BMI* 26.1




The average patient to have coronary angiography was classified as having an overweight BMI (26.1)

*BMI - Body Mass Index