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69% of the patients were found to have coronary artery disease, including calcification, atheroma, plaque burden and stenosis. This was independent of stenocclusive assessment.

Of the 932 patients in the study, we triaged each patient as normal, mild, mild-moderate, severe or occlusive coronary artery stenosis.

Patient was classified according to the maximal stenosis found in any of the main coronary artery trunks (Left Main artery, Left Anterior Descending artery, Left Circumflex Artery and Right coronary artery.) Branch disease was not evaluated.

Stenosis  Classification Patient classification statistics
 No stenosis     52%  
< 50 % Mild    21.3%
50 % Mild- Moderate       7% 
51 - 69 % Moderate 13.4%
70 - 99 %    Severe 5%
100 % Occlusion 1%

Anything over 50% was considered to be significant.
Anything over 70% was then considered to be severe; these patients were closely followed up.

0.2% (n=1) of the studies failed

patient classification

20% were found to have significant disease
6% were found to have severe disease











patient classification