Heart Vision


New Siemens SOMATOM “Definition” Dual Source 64-slice scanner

Christchurch Radiology Group has installed a Siemens SOMATOM "Definition" Dual Source 64-slice scanner, the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Where a standard CT scanner contains one X-ray beam and one set of detectors, the revolutionary dual source scanner fires two beams at two rows of sensors. Each beam fires from a different direction, effectively creating two separate views. Extremely sophisticated software combines them into the highest resolution images yet seen with CT.

The greatest advance will be in cardiac imaging. Dual source CT promises to revolutionise the investigation and management of ischaemic heart disease, the developed world's biggest killer.

At around NZ$2.2 million, Dr Tony Young, CRG's Managing Radiologist, says the new scanner represents a significant investment in its ongoing commitment to providing Christchurch clinicians with world-class imaging facilities.